Wool Care

Wool is self-cleaning and naturally anti-microbial.  Wool covers (unless soiled by poop, dirt, or food) only need to be washed about once a week.  Some wool covers can even go 2-4 weeks between washing, it depends on the use they are getting.  If they get wet (but are not soiled), simply replace them with another and hang them out to dry.  The wool and lanolin work together to turn the urine into salt and water.  If the wool cover starts to smell like urine after it is dry then you should wash and relanolize.  You should prewash and lanolize you wool products before using, as they may not come washed and lanolized.

You can use any type of lanolin to lanolin your wool.  You can buy it at your local store for nursing mothers, in bulk off the internet, or from us!  We sell wool wash that contains lanolin and lanolin created for wool diapering products!

Always hand wash your wool and hang or lay flat (on a drying rack) to dry.  Never, never use the dryer.

How to Wash

  1. Fill a bowl or basin, not your sink, (the wool fibers and lanolin might clog your pipes) with luke warm water and baby soap or wool wash. 
  2. Wash your wool and gently ring/squeeze the water out. 
  3. If you washed with baby soap dump your basin and refill with lukewarm water.  If you washed with wool wash, you may not need to dump the basin.  Check the label for instructions.
  4. Boil about 1 cup of water in the microwave, then add a pea size amount of lanolin and a squirt of baby soap (helps dissolve the lanolin).  When the lanolin is dissolved the water will be milky.
  5. Add dissolved lanolin to your bowl of water and stir in.
  6. Put the wool in the basin and massage the lanolin in.  It works best to wash your wool inside out, as this is the area that needs the most concentrated amount of lanolin.  Leave to soak for between 4-8 hours.  Occasionally massage the lanolin in.
  7. Ring the water out.-Now you have to get most of the water out for faster drying.  There are two ways to do this: a) Roll it up in a towel and squeeze the water out.  b) Throw it in your washer on the spin cycle and spin.
  8. Now you hang them out to dry or lay flat on a drying rack.  It will take at least 12 hours if you dry inside and 6-8 hours if you dry outside.  They dry much faster in the summer if you hang them outside. In the winter, I hang/lay mine on a drying rack and place the rack over a dryer vent.
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