Super Undies Nighttime Undies (Old Style)

Super Undies Nighttime Undies (Old Style)


What are Super Undies Nighttime Underwear?

Nighttime underwear are waterproof underwear designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. They come with 9 layers of cotton absorbency built in, and fleece covered elastic legs and waist for a comfortable fit


Who are they for?

Nighttime underwear are for children who wet the bed ages 2-7 yrs old. Larger sizes are being developed!


What do they offer me?

A useful tool in hepling you regain control of your laundry load, and regain some dignity for your child.

What if your child is a heavy wetter or deep sleeper?

These Nighttime Underwear can usually handle most levels of wetters, although they may require additional absorbency. You can use one of our Step-up inserts, a diaper insert that you may already have, a wash rag folded in half or thirds, whatever it takes to add more absorbency in there. Some children can pee 16 oz at a time! Fill up a glass and take a look, that's a lot!


On occasion it may be necessary to also use a partial waterproof mattress pad. Since the Nighttime Underwear can contain most all of the wet, small leaks can be barricaded by using a 1/3 size mattress pad, still reducing your laundry load considerably.

                      Size Chart

  Waist Legs Rise Typical Age
Small 14-17" 9-11" 15" 2-3 yrs
Medium 16-19" 10-13" 17" 2-5 yrs
Large 16.5-22" 12-16" 19" 5+ yrs



Inner fabric (Touching skin): A smooth poly-Lycra blend

Absorbency inner: Microfiber Terry Cloth

Colored outer fabric: Waterproof PUL

Tabs: PUL and a soft microfiber fleece

Leg Binding: Water-resistent anti-pill fleece


Care and Washing Instructions

Please follow our care instructions for the health of your Super Undies™ Training Pants.


Because your training pants are multiple layers thick, it is important to wash them inside out so they get thouroughly cleaned. This will also help them dry faster. Be careful with high agitation washing machines: you may want to put your inside out Super Undies™ in a mesh bag to make sure the agitator doesn't snag and yank at inserts.  Super Undies™ Nighttime underwear may be washed with other clothes provided they are not soiled, and may require a pre-rinse.


Use Bleach - Bleach and detergents containing bleach may cause the waterproof laminate to break down over time.

Use fabric softeners - Fabric softeners can cause a residue build up on the fabrics and cause them to become less absorbent, or even repell the water.

Wash with garments that have hook and loop, such as Velcro - The hook will snag the Super Undies™ elastic and stretchy tabs.

Over-stuff the washer or dryer.

Available Colors

Moss Monster  Blue Bandit  Wild Orchid  Walloping Wallaby







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