Red Barn Nifty Nappy AI2 Diaper

Red Barn Nifty Nappy AI2 Diaper


Convenient and CUTE!


The  Nifty Nappy™ AI2 diaper is our old pocket diaper perfected. Many people used our Pocket diaper with the insert simply laid in instead of stuffing it in the pocket.  When you use our AI2, there is no need for a cover. This Nifty Nappy™ AI2 really is a convenient diaper.  It is a one size (OS) diaper made to fit from 7 lbs. to 35 lbs, and it can easily take you all the way through potty training.  The Nifty Nappy™ AI2 has a very trim fit and is designed to fit under the belly.  There should not be any sag in the bum.


• Absorbent, less “stinky” Hemp/Bamboo inserts
• Hidden elastics for ultimate containment and comfort
• Overlapping front snap for custom fit
• One size will fit all your babies and toddlers
• Convenient for babysitter/daycare/daddies






The Nifty Nappy™ AI2 is made up of 3 layers and an insert:
–  Outer layer: cute cotton knit print
–  Sandwiched layer: PUL which is the waterproof layer; In our diapers there is no access to the PUL so it will last longer.
–  Inner layer: microfleece to wick the moisture in to the absorbent insert
Our inserts have the the wonderful qualities of Hemp and Bamboo absorbency.  The inserts are made with a layer of Organic Hemp Fleece and a layer of Organic Bamboo Velour.  Sewn in “fortune cookie” fashion they are easy to wash and quick to dry.




Nifty Nappy™ AI2 diapers have a layer of PUL in them.   To care for them simply dump the unwanted “objects” into the toilet. When washing do NOT use fabric softeners or detergents with enzymes. When drying you may dry in the dryer on a gentle cycle, but for longer life allow to air dry. The PUL might need to be resealed occasionally, to do this simply throw in the dryer on the hot cycle.  Don’t do this more than once a month.


Available Prints

Elephants  Safari  Fun Flock  Corduroy  Baby Pirate Blue  Howdy  Spring Ooga  Camo Ooga  Halloween Ooga Booga  Turquoise Ooga Booga Velour  Winter Ooga Booga Velour


PreOrders may take up to 3 weeks to ship as they are currently being sewn!


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