Super Undies Pocket Trainer (Old Style)

Super Undies Pocket Trainer (Old Style)

Potty Training Pants To The Rescue!


Looking for potty training pants that actually help improve the time it takes to potty train? Look no further! Super Undies™ potty training pants are the perfect thing to get your hero excited about potty training! Pants that give your child the powerful feeling of being a big kid! With our potty training pants, specially designed to look like big-kid underwear, we give the child something exciting to assist in the potty training experience. Colorful materials, durable construction, and relatable super heroes all merge together in a product that will allow your hero to feel like they are a part of something bigger - and responsible for their own potty time. They will have the power to use the toilet more effectively, and the confidence to continue the difficult task.

Super Undies training pants are waterproof - trim - smooth - stretchy - easy to pull on - and looks and fits more like big kid underwear.

Add a Step-Up Insert into the back pocket of the pant to boost absorbency and get the results you need - faster!

Pocket Trainers potty training pants and Pull-On potty training pants are very similar in the potty training process with a few exceptions:

  • Pocket trainers cause an easier transition from cloth diapers into the potty training mindset.
  • Pocket trainers can make use of step-up inserts for added absorbency.
  • Pocket Trainers allow for easier snap-on/snap-off mess free handling for mom.

If you plan on using more than 1-2 inserts, you may wish to increase the sizing suggested below.

                                                 Size Chart







Typical Age










2 - 3 yrs










2 - 5 yrs









5 + yrs




Inner fabric (Touching skin): A smooth poly-Lycra blend

Absorbency inner: Microfiber Terry Cloth

Colored outer fabric: Waterproof PUL

Tabs: Lycra

Care and Washing Instructions
Please follow our care instructions for the health of your Super UndiesTM Training Pants.

Because your training pants are multiple layers thick, it is important to wash them inside out so they get thouroughly cleaned. This will also help them dry faster. Be careful with high agitation washing machines: you may want to put your inside out Super UndiesTM in a mesh bag to make sure the agitator doesn't snag and yank at inserts.

Daytime Trainers can be unsnapped, or simply turned inside out.

Wash on warm or hot with your choice of detergent. Tumble dry. Super UndiesTM may be washed with a regular load of clothing, provided that they are not soiled. If your Super Undies do get "dirty," shake the waste off into the toilet and pre-rinse them by themselves prior to laundering.


Use Bleach - Bleach and detergents containing bleach may cause the waterproof laminate to break down over time.

Use fabric softeners - Fabric softeners can cause a residue build up on the fabrics and cause them to become less absorbent, or even repell the water.

Wash with garments that have hook and loop, such as Velcro - The hook will snag the Super UndiesTM elastic and stretchy tabs.

Over-stuff the washer or dryer.


Available Colors

Moss Monster  Midnight Blue Bandit  Infrared Racer  Caped Canary  Coral Sea Maiden  Wild Orchid Fairy  


Limited Quantity
Size & Color:

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